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A quick few tips to get practicing the languages you're learning

Hi everyone! How about a few quick tips to get you practicing the languages you're learning a bit more?

There are many things you can do which can be so helpful. For example, you can change your phone language, as I've mentioned before, which is an easy way to regularly see useful vocab and short phrases in the language you're learning. My phone is currently in Italian and the iPad is in French (much to my husband's annoyance)! I also have my Facebook in Spanish. I really do think that if you do this, it just gets you used to seeing the vocab, so mentally it's really helpful.

If you're on social media, subscribe to pages in your target language. Learning Spanish? Follow a couple of Spanish news pages so you get Spanish text in your news feed. Again - it's helpful just to see it come up and just try to read and understand the headlines, even if you don't commit to reading all the articles! You could find some pages about a sport or hobby you like. ¿Por qué no?

Another one I've mentioned before - read or listen to books in the language you're learning. Why not start with a story you already know well? If it's an audiobook and it's a bit of a challenge, why not turn down the speed a bit? Look up the odd word if it stops you from understanding what's happening, but don't try and understand every single word, just try and get the gist. If you can, well done as it's no mean feat!

Next - what about listening to the radio in the language you're learning? It can be quite fast, but I quite like to listen to channels that are mostly music, with a bit of chat between the songs. It's not too intense, but great to practice (and perfect if you like reggaetón)!

What about finding a language partner to practice with? Do you know someone whose first language is the one you are trying to learn, or do you know someone else who would like to study with you?

Do you have any of your own tips? If so please share!

Cath x

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