• Catharine Middleton

Great resources for language learning

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog :). I'm Catharine, a translator, languages tutor and a general languages fan! My main languages are French and Spanish, and I am learning Italian too.

I thought I'd start the blog by speaking about good resources for learning languages - they're one of the most important things you need! There are loads of brilliant sites out there to help you learn, and I thought it might be helpful to post some of my favourites. I think my number 1 would have to be:


Here is why it's so great:

- This site is a brilliant dictionary with 18 languages, and you can research both into and out of English. It gives multiple results and includes useful information and examples too :).

- There is a forum where you can ask questions/read other people's questions and answers if you can't find what you're looking for in the dictionary.

- It includes a verb conjugator so you can check how to conjugate the verb you're stuck on in any tense - life saver!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend :)

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