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More resources and ideas!

Hi all,

Apologies for not writing for a while - it's been a busy summer! I'm going through more resources that I use and ideas that I have, so thought I would share.

Here are a few things that I do which I find very helpful for practicing:

1) Change your phone language into the language you’re learning!

Your phone is a great resource and I’m sure you know the menus well (or at least well enough to get it back into English if you want)! You then get to see vocab in the language you’re studying all the time, which helps you learn new terms and gets you used to seeing the language . Why don't you try it and see how you get on?

2) Another tip for language practice - have a go at reading the news in the languages you're learning!

How about trying these:

- For Spanish try https://elpais.com/ or http://elmundo.com/ - For French try https://www.lemonde.fr/ or https://www.liberation.fr/

There are loads, so if you're not a fan of these, just have a Google until you find one you like! Don't forget that reading the news in another language can definitely be a challenge, so don't be disappointed if you find it difficult. There might be vocab you are not yet familiar with, and new topics from those countries that you might not know about either. Have https://www.wordreference.com/ open too in another tab to check any new terms you haven't heard of, and if you don't understand an article, you can always search for the main names/points in English, just to help you get the gist!

3) Check out these apps: 'Conjugaison' for French and 'Conjugación' for Spanish.

What is one of the most important things to practice and most difficult to remember when learning a new language? Verbs, verbs, verbs! You have to pay a few pounds to unlock all the verbs but you can practice them all on these apps, by tense, by level, or by irregulars (to make it harder)! A quiz usually only has 5 practice questions so it takes no time out of your day. Have a look on the App Store and have a go.

4) I use a great app called https://app.asana.com/ to help with organisation.

I love it, it's so helpful. You can have different lists for different topics and you can add items to these with individual due dates. So I have separate lists for translation, tutoring, proofreading and a general one. It's great for working in groups too. If you like being organised and a good old to-do list take a look.

I hope these ideas are helpful - try a few of them out and see how you get on :). Have a good week! Hasta luego x

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